What happens to the body when drinking two liters of water a day?

drinking water

Every person must drink at least two liters of water per day, advice repeated on the ears almost daily.

The newspaper “Daily Mail” decided to go into some of the details of this saying, emphasizing the importance of paying attention to healthy patterns followed by humans, who make up about 60 percent of their bodies.

According to Australian doctor Dasha Felder, it is essential that most adults drink between two and a half and three liters of water per day, to maintain an optimal level of hydration. Thats Almost drinking a gallon of water a day .

According to the doctor, drinking water is important to help hydrate the kidneys, promote digestion and intestinal health, in addition to maintaining youthful skin and avoiding fatigue.

“We lose a lot of water with caffeinated drinks, like tea and coffee, and we lose it during sleep all night.. So we need to fill this deficiency during the day,” Felder said.

The doctor stresses that drinking enough water in a way that ensures sufficient hydration of the body and maintains kidney health is the first step towards better health, and says: “The kidney function is essential for metabolism and detoxification… and because the kidneys are very sensitive, filtering less water will affect significantly. old”.

And if the toxins are not eliminated from the body, this will be enough reason to feel physically tired, increase headaches and lack of focus.

Not only does staying hydrated help flush toxins out of the body, it also helps rejuvenate the skin from the inside out.

“It is especially important for women to maintain fluids, as it is able to regenerate the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles,” the doctor said.

She also pointed out the need to drink a lot of water in the summer in particular, as sweating contributes to a greater loss of water from the body.

Instead of having a cup of coffee to get a mental boost, the doctor recommends drinking more water, as it is able to enhance the work of the brain and support it to perform its functions better.

Water constitutes about three-quarters of the materials that make up the brain.


The doctor notes that maintaining adequate water intake helps enhance physical performance during exercise.

She points to the role of water in promoting digestion and supporting the effective functioning of the intestines.

“Even if you are eating a lot of fiber and green vegetables, you have to drink water so that the nutrients can get into the system,” she said, referring to the importance of promoting nutrient absorption.

“If there is no water, the food will not be able to move through the intestines, and this usually leads to constipation,” she warned.

The newspaper points out that there is a relationship between drinking water in sufficient quantities and feeling an improvement in a person’s mood, in addition to the role of water in enhancing the energy levels required to perform all daily tasks.

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