What happens to your skin when you get more of Vitamin C?

vitamin c

Vitamin C is the most important ingredient for use in skincare treatments, it is able to form an effective shield against the sun, and is indispensable in the cosmetic industry, especially for the skin, and these are the most important benefits that it provides to the skin.

It helps stimulate the production of natural collagen, protect against the appearance of early signs of aging wrinkles and fine lines, maintain the appearance of youth, and give the skin vitality and purity, in addition to this, it has an important role in treating sunburn, standardizing skin color and getting rid of spots Dermatology.

Contributes to the production of collagen necessary for the skin

Vitamin C is one of the ingredients required to produce hydroxyl.

l’proline and hydroxyl lysine, which are needed to bond the molecules that produce collagen, which mainly contributes to giving the skin its natural color and rejuvenates the skin from the roots.

It also protects from wrinkles and symptoms of aging, and the lack of collagen in the skin makes your skin flabby and lifeless.

This is confirmed by the American Dr. Oz in an article on his official page, where he stressed that vitamin (C) reduces aging by producing collagen necessary for the survival of your skin young.

It protects it from long-term consequences, which may cause skin cancer.

Vitamin C contributes to the regeneration of skin texture.The collagen formed by this vitamin builds the structure of the small blood vessels under the skin, which transport oxygen and nutrients that keep the skin healthy.

Without these nutrients, your skin becomes dry and rough. Creams containing this vitamin improve the texture and appearance of the skin.

It also increases the formation of elastin that thickens the skin and protects its cells. Increasing the thickness of the skin helps to retain moisture and stimulates blood circulation in the skin.

According to a study by the Institute of Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Leicester, Portugal, September 2009, it was found that this vitamin is an effective antioxidant that slows down the rate of free radical damage.

It also has new protective properties in human skin cells, which can lead to better skin regeneration.

Vitamin C promotes skin health and lightening

There is no doubt that vitamin C is one of the vitamins necessary to control skin color, as it contributes to lightening spots and hyperpigmentation, as it acts as an effective natural whitening agent.

It removes melisma and spots that appear on the skin as a result of aging, and reduces dark circles under the eye so that your skin becomes bright, also prevents redness of the skin associated with increased exposure to sunlight.

Where is Vitamin C located and what are its sources?

There are many sources of vitamin (C) for the skin, as we can find it in different types of food, and these are the most important sources that we find this wonderful vitamin inside:

Fruits and Vegetables :

You can get vitamin C from fruits and vegetables, so try to make it essential in your diet, and the most important in vegetables is broccoli, red and green peppers, as well as potatoes and tomatoes.

It is found in guava, citrus fruits and fruits such as oranges and grapes, as well as kiwi and strawberries.

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Vitamin C is available in many forms, including tablets, capsules, and drink bottles, or as a crystalline powder.

How to use vitamin (C) on the skin and face

You can use recipes composed of the ingredients and natural foods that vitamin (C) contains according to its previous sources, or you can use a serum of vitamin (C) and apply it to your skin directly, so that you can do this follow the following steps:

  • Bring a vitamin C serum provided it has a concentration of at least 10% of L-ascorbic acid, also known as (vitamin C).
  • Wash your face with a clean cloth to cleanse your skin with warm water, and try to leave it a little moisturized.
  • Spread vitamin C serum on your face and neck with the tips of your fingers, gently massaging the serum into the skin, then wait 3-5 minutes for it to dry.
  • Brush your face with the regular moisturizer that you usually use, preferably one with sunscreen. Repeat this process twice a day.

There is no doubt that it is one of the most important vitamins that help in the formation of collagen in the body, which benefits the skin in a distinctive way, and the prevention of skin problems and the restoration of their freshness. It is included in many skin care products, and it is worth noting that it has a major role in protecting Skin from wrinkles and signs of premature aging, below we learn the most important benefits of vitamin C for the skin.

The most important benefits of vitamin C for the skin

1- Wrinkle protection:

Vitamin C helps supply collagen with the skin, which helps protect from exposure to wrinkles and the signs of premature aging of the skin. You can get it through skin care products that contain vitamins or eat foods that contain a high percentage of vitamin C.

It is a powerful antioxidant that helps prevent free radicals from attacking skin cells, which helps prevent early signs of aging.

2- Skin lightening:

The antioxidants found in vitamin C help to lighten skin tone, get rid of dull color and increase the skin’s youthfulness.

It helps get rid of dead skin cells, which helps lighten skin tone.

3- Wound Healing:

Vitamin C is one of the essential vitamins that the body uses to replace damaged tissues, as it helps to heal wounds, as this is done slowly due to a lack of  this vitamin, as well as improves the elasticity of the skin and its rapid recovery.

It has anti-inflammatory properties, and it is also important in rebuilding collagen for the skin layers, which helps to speed up the healing of wounds on the face, including the effects of acne, and it also helps in relieving pain caused by wounds and burns that affect the skin.

4- Sun protection:

Vitamin C protects the skin from free radicals that are formed as a result of overexposure to harmful sunlight, environmental pollution, and smoking.

Also, the antioxidants present in this vitamin, protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation, and the effect of exposure to sunlight, as well as help to reduce sunburn.

It helps treat redness, burns and itching caused by exposure to sunlight in a short time.

The University of Maryland confirmed in an article on its official page that it may also reduce sunburn caused by long exposure to UV rays.

5-  Treating dark circles:

Vitamin C is important to get rid of dark circles that affect the area under the eyes, and this is because it helps to unify the color of the skin, which helps to hide dark circles, and it also helps to get rid of dark spots that affect the skin.

6. Get rid of dry skin:

Vitamin C helps to maintain water and moisture in the skin, which helps to treat the skin from dehydration, and it also helps to replenish skin cells and get rid of dead cells resulting from dry skin, and you can use products that contain vitamin C to prevent dry skin.

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